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New research report written by and for lesbians, bi women and trans people worldwide • Out Of The Margins


By Out of the Margins Network

Today, Stonewall launches a report showing the hardship, discrimination and violence experienced by LBT+ communities across the globe.

The international Out of the Margins network was established to fill the major gap in understanding the unique experiences of lesbians, bi women and trans people (LBT+) globally.

While it’s true that in recent years we’ve seen some progress in LGBT rights internationally, it would be a mistake to think that all LGBT people have benefitted equally. This report makes that reality clear.

Watch the video below to learn more about the project.

The network’s 60-page report brings these issues off the back-burner and gives them the attention they deserve. It is based on months of work by over 25 researchers across 21 countries who show us, using new research, that everyday existence is a challenge for LBT+ people.

They are marginalised, and at risk of violence, simply for being who they are.

As Renae Green, speaking for TransWave Jamaica, said, ‘LBT+ issues are on the back-burner…This has always been a problem and continues to be one’.

Using the United Nations’ 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a template, the network produced research covering five key areas: economic well-being, health, education, personal security and violence, and civic and political participation.

Their research is wide-reaching, both geographically and thematically.

In many cases, these studies are the first of their kind. Intersectional feminist and queer perspectives were emphasised from the outset, in order to amplify voices that have been unheard or ignored in previous research projects.

The network have proven not only that LBT+ people globally are massively disadvantaged, but that further research is desperately needed to fully assess the extent of the problem.

Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive at Stonewall, said: ‘This ground-breaking report shines a light on lesbian, bi women and trans (LBT+) communities across the globe whose struggle for equality continues to be largely ignored.

‘Not only does it show the precarious position LBT+ people occupy worldwide, it’s also a testament to their bravery and the work they’re doing on the ground to tackle discrimination, often at considerable personal risk.

‘At Stonewall, we’re working with these international activists to help fight for equality in their countries, and we want you to join us. – Nancy Kelley, Stonewall CEO

‘The more research there is about the barriers these LBT+ communities are facing, the better able we are to come together to drive forward solutions that work for them. No one can be left behind in our fight for global LGBT equality.’

For too long, LBT+ people have been sidelined and silenced. We hope that this report marks a sea change in how research affecting their communities takes place in future – with their voices, needs and wishes always at the centre.

Read the full report here.



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